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Welcome to Gurukul Sampada School

Why Work With Us

Welcome to Gurukul Sampada School
A School where dedicated teachers transform the student into a learning community by creating a love for learning.

Why Work With Gurukul Sampada

A teaching career with Gurukul Sampada School is less about teaching and more about making a positive difference and change in the society.
All the teachers are welcomed with open arms and open hearts to the School and are provided with the right tools, training and the necessary support to achieve success.
At Gurukul Sampada School there are several opportunities for professional growth. Being a school chain, we are well positioned to provide vertical (promotion and more responsibility in the same school) as well as horizontal (moving to a new geography or to even the central academic or assessment team) opportunities to our staff.
Gurukul Sampada School have collaborative teams comprising of talented teachers who provide each student with a superior and relevant education and are focused on continual student growth.

Gurukul Sampada

Our teachers:

Our teachers:

Engage with the students to develop their critical-thinking, problem-solving and higher-order thinking skills.

  • Assess their performance by data - whether it is linked with assessment of student or with self-assessment.
  • Develop purposeful and healthy relationships with parents to ensure ongoing communication regarding progress and development of our students.
  • Are learners for life - they are open to new and innovative ideas and are committed to reaching their maximum potential as teachers by growing every month and every year.
  • Learn by collaboration across subjects – whether from the teacher in the classroom next door our through a teacher in some other school.
  • Work within the frameworks of curriculum defined by affiliating Board but also have the autonomy to create and guide the curriculum at the School, resulting in innovative and custom-made educational programs.

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