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Welcome to Gurukul Sampada School

Welcome to Gurukul Sampada School
Value Of Money

Value Of Money

Higher Teacher Utilization

Gurukul Sampda School fee is at least 30% lower as compared the fee to any other school in similar location with similar infrastructure and facilities. We are able to achieve lower fee due to the following reasons:

Higher Teacher Utilization

  • We aim to have a higher teacher utilisation
  • Our staff works harder than their peers in most other schools.
  • We use technology and professional development to equip our teachers become efficient.
  • Smarter Planning

  • We use smart planning and cross utilisation of resources for getting more out of less.
  • While planning any activity, we take cost of the activity in mind and carry out a detailed cost benefit analysis.
  • Innovation in Cost Control

  • We have deployed a number of measures to control costs of services, consumables and other costs to achieve lower cost for the school.
  • Being cost conscious for us is a way of life. We aim to lower the cost of every transaction and pass on the benefit of lower costs in the form of lower fees.
  • Centre of Excellence - Academic Planning & Assessment

  • At Gurukul Sampada, Academic Planning is done centrally and hence the cost of planning is lower as compared to a stand-alone school.

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