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Welcome to Gurukul Sampada School

Welcome to Gurukul Sampada School
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  • As Gurukul Sampada, we believe that the skills for visual expression are best developed and honed when students approach their work with joy, curiosity, creativity and discipline.
  • We believe that the students discover their own artistic potential in many ways – sometimes through basic arts workshops and painting and drawing classes and other times while working on an academic project. As the students learn about the basic techniques needed to give artistic form to an idea or a concept, they learn to understand art and craft with respect to other disciplines, i.e. mathematics, science, history, geography, literature, technology, or even music.
  • Irrespective of the artistic inclination, interest or abilities, we provide all the students opportunity to experience, recognize, and appreciate the beauty of a line, the power of a brushstroke, and the harmony inherent in a well-formed earthen bowl.
  • We focus on various forms of art ranging from ceramic applications and sculptural techniques to woodworking, drawing and painting and even using technology in the form of multimedia, animation film making etc.

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